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Terra Products establishes dealership with Keenan, an Alltech owned company that manufactures feeder wagons. 

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KEENAN Mixer Wagons



Automated soil sampler by AgRobotics

The patented technology pulls up to 40 cores effortlessly in consistent, uniform, and accurate distances, angles, and depths from the comfort of the tractor cab. Precise sampling leads to precise planting and precise nutrient placement resulting in maximum yields and lower costs. 

Precision Agriculture starts with a precise sample and only AutoProbe™ can deliver the world's highest quality soil sample. AutoProbe™ employs the latest in GPS and telematics technologies and pulls a maximum of 41 cores at uniform, consistent and accurate distances and depths on 2.5 acre grids or 27 cores on 1 acre grids.

AutoProbe™ can also be configured for zones and most any other creative sampling regiment a agricultural professional can come up with. It is repeatable and automatic—eliminating human error and fatigue. Experts predict that soil sampling by AutoProbe™ will become the new standard because accurate soil data is the foundation for all precision agriculture technologies.

Every successful grower knows that the whole game is about keeping costs low while maximizing yield. That's why every program should start with the most accurate soil data available. With an AutoProbe™ sample you'll never have to second guess your soil data and you can be confident that you have the most accurate soil data available. 

The AutoProbe has a simple premise... to lower your costs and maximize your yields. And, as the old saying goes, "Seeing is believing". So come visit us at a show, or watch the machine work at a live demo. We believe that once you see what the AutoProbe can do, you will wonder how you ever farmed without it. 

Seed Handling Equipment

Innovative and precise seed handling equipment

Bradford Built truck bodies

"Our goal is simple.  Build the very best truck bed for the money in the United States of America."  - Bradford Built

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